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Pocket Change

Finish Your Trips without Leftover Foreign Cash!

Pocket Change instantly exchanges bills and coins of various currencies into electronic money / vouchers / or charitable donations to be used in your country of choice.

Say goodbye to the change in your pocket by saying hello to Pocket Change!
We help travelers coming to Japan, and Japanese travelers going abroad put their leftover currency to good use. Simple, secure, and fast.

The service will be discontinued on Thursday, 11:59 a.m. June 15, 2023.

Kiosk’s Accept the Following 10 Currencies

JPY, USD, EUR, CNY, KRW, TWD, SGD, HKD, THB, VND are accepted.
We currently only accept bills for the last 5 currencies.

Our machines accept the following bills and coins:

United States Dollar, Euro, Renminbi, South Korean won

Our Machines only accept the following bills:

Hong Kong Dollar, Thai Baht, New Taiwan dollar, Singapore dollar, Vietnamese Dong, Japanese Yen

  • *Acceptable Banknotes
    Kiosks accept banknotes currently in circulation, but some older / lower denominations cannot be accepted.
    Please check the details.
  • *Exchange Rate
    The exchange rate is based on current market rate, type of e-money / voucher chosen, denominations inserted, and the location of redemption. This information is available directly at the kiosk.
  • *Unacceptable Currencies
    You can choose to refund or donate any unacceptable currency.

We have E-Money / Vouchers available from around the world

We offer a variety of e-money / vouchers from our partners around the globe including PayPal, WeChat, Cultural Gift Cards, Ecopayz, Rakuten TW Super Point, and many more. In Japan we are partnered with Amazon Gift Certificates, a variety of Public Transportation e-money, Rakuten Edy, WAON, nanaco, iTunes JP and a number of charities like UNICEF.

Only 3 Steps, Start to Finish!

No need to type your name or email address. Each transaction only takes a few minutes.

  • Step.1 Choose an E-Money / Voucher

    Tap to select your E-Money / Voucher of choice. Available partners, including the minimum and maximum limits, will be indicated on the screen.

  • Step.2 Insert Foreign Cash

    Insert your bills and coins when prompted. The kiosk will then count any coins/cash (of multiple currencies) at once. Coins can be inserted in bulk. You can choose to return or donate unaccepted coins.

  • Step.3 Confirm and Finish

    Confirm the amount of exchanged currency to E-money / voucher of your choice. We offer the ability to check the exchange rate during this step. If you choose an e-money to be deposited to an IC card, simply touch your card to the device and amount will be added. Instructions and redemption code will be printed on a receipt for all other transactions.

General Inquiries

  • ■ Reservations +81-476-32-0032
  • ■ Other Inquiries Contact details for other inquiries